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Up! Up and Away!

Australia has opened its border finally. International travel is now possible for those who can afford it. Livelihoods dependent on tourism and hospitality are now possible again.

Time to look ahead with confidence.

For me, the way forward is now finally clear, and while initial plans for IlluminOcean had to suddenly stop just after it started, and take a back seat for many reasons, I have a new plan and will relaunch IlluminOcean in 2023.

In the meantime, I’ve been tasked with a challenging and wonderful project… Ground Swell, a #Take3fortheSea initiative, funded by a Community Litter Grant from the EPA. Launching on March 9, we’ll be empowering NSW tourism businesses to take the lead, develop and implement action plans to address litter and plastic waste - to truly make a difference in keeping beautiful tourism destinations litter-free.

I’ll meet passionate people and hear many inspiring stories. I’ll have my ‘tape recorder’ with me and build a bank of ideas for IlluminOcean in 2023!

Up, Up and Away… in a slightly different direction for now, but a worthy one!

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